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Here Is A Tribute To Good Life!

TAPPS, with over 3 decades of vast experience in the Housing and Real Estate field, sought to provide a one stop solution for all real estate and housing needs. In 2015, TAPPS ventured into condominium development with the launch of “ELDORADO RESIDENCY” and to this day is proud to be the first Company to successfully launch and complete the first condominium development in Wattala, cementing its status as a landmark project in TAPPS’s portfolio while being an iconic apartment complex in Wattala. Now “ELDORADO RESIDENCY” is certified under the CMA/CD/CP/OO5/19 as a Condominium Property of the Condominium Management Authority. TAPPS is looking forward to offer you an ideal combination of quality and value in their second flagship condominium development, ELDORADO II……!



Creating sustainable and cost effective living spaces satisfying the housing needs for the modern working lifestyle.


Through strong foundations in the real estate market with over 30 years of expertise, we commit to identify and create living spaces catering to the fast moving trend towards sustainable, cost efficient and healthy living.

Our Team Of Consultants

Consultant Architect: Chartered Architect, Nandika P. Denipitiya (Mrs.) BSc. (BE) Hons, MSc. (Archi), FIA (SL).

Geotechnical Consultant : Professor, B. L. Tennakoon BSc. (Eng.), Ph.D. (Canted), CEng. MIE (SL), MSSE (SL).

Structural Engineer : Chartered Eng.Thusitha D. Peries B.Sc. (Eng), M.Sc.(Eng), C.Eng, MIE(SL), MSSE. (SL)

Water supply & Drainage : Chartered Eng. P.L.A.K.E Wijewardana BSc. Eng. (Hon) AMIE (SL).

Electrical Engineer : Chartered Eng. G.R.M.E Kumara B.Eng. (Hon), MIE (S.L).

Quantity Surveyor : Chartered Quantity Surveyor A.W.C. Weerakoon AIQS.SL

Surveyor : S. Krishnapillei.

Accountant : Chartered Accountant P.A.D.A.D. Caldera ACA

Lawyer : Thilak Sumanarathne L.L.B.London, AAL & NP

Banker : Hatton National Bank Plc.

Eldorado Residency

In 2015, TAPPS launched “Eldorado Residency”, the first condominium development in Wattala, a landmark project of TAPPS and an iconic apartment complex in Wattala. Eldorado Residency was successfully completed and handed over to the clients. In 2019, the Eldorado Residency Management Corporation was formed and the management was handed over to the Corporation as per the rules and regulations of the Condominium Management Authority.